Arrange for an electrical control panel upgrade for your business in Berthoud, CO

For your business to operate successfully, you need automation controls that run efficiently. BMF Automation will make sure your business has the most suitable controls for your operation size. We provide custom electric control panel upgrade and manufacturing control upgrade services in Berthoud, CO.

If you've got a challenging project that needs expert planning and execution, look no further. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to provide comprehensive controls packages that can fit any budget. We've worked with almost every brand of controls on the market.

Contact us today to speak with a team member about your control needs today. We'll set you up with an electric control panel upgrade or manufacturing control upgrade service that best fits your business.

Explore our work

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality customized control packages to manufacturing businesses throughout the area. We're especially proud to specialize in providing our expert services to local breweries. We've worked with:

  • Wiley Roots Brewing
  • Loveland Ale Works
  • Blackshire Brewing
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