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If you're looking for ways to improve your business's efficiency, look no further. BMF Automation provides a variety of additional services to enhance the way your business operates in Berthoud, CO.

From PLC programming services to communications network training, you can count on us to provide you with a variety of customizable services that will fit your business's specific needs.

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Learn about our additional services

We provide many beneficial services to help your business run as efficiently as possible, including:

  • PLC programming services - We're versed in many different programming languages on many different platforms. From PLC programming to DCS systems, there isn't a programming service we can't do for you.
  • Design, planning and layout - Have ideas or questions about a new project or an idea you'd like to bring to fruition? We can provide a full build-out of the automation required to complete the project within any budget constraints. We can design, build or engineer controls for anything that you can think of.
  • SCADA: Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition - Your SCADA system is very important and needs to gather critical data at the right time. Whether it's for controls of your plant, process or field, you need to be certain the correct data is getting where it needs to go. Let us show you what we do best. We can help make sure you get the data you need where and when you need it.
  • HMI, touchscreen and graphical user interface - We design our interfaces to be easy for operators to navigate. The less fumbling and trying to figure out where to go the more time you'll save. We work together with your people to design an intelligent solution for controlling your process. Whether you want us to work from scratch or modify an existing platform, you can count on us to find a cost-effective solution to your problem.
  • Historian - Collecting and storing your data is crucial for many reporting agencies. We have worked with many different historians including OSI PI, Allen Bradley, GE, and Excel Reporter to name a few. We can help you make sure your data is being stored per regulation, code or ordinance for whatever reporting you may have to use.
  • Training & development - We offer training and development for many situations. We can start with basic PLC and communications network training and move to more in-depth hands-on training. We love to pass on knowledge and help people progress their skills.